The Norwegian Submerged Floating Tunnel Company AS
NSFT was established in 1998 to develop and market the concept of submerged floating tunnels. At the time, an SFT crossing of Høgsfjord on the west coast of Norway looked likely to the first of a kind SFT for road traffic in the world and the SFT was considered an option in other national and international bridge studies.
No SFT has yet been built, but considerable efforts have been invested in research and development. This work has demonstrated not only the technical feasibility of the concept, but also its merits with respect to providing an attractive solution for sustainable land transport in urban and rural areas through the invisible crossing of waterways, replacing ferry services, separating different road users, liberating valuable land and protecting the environment from traffic noise and pollution.

The work towards realising the first SFT project in the world goes on and NSFT wants to be part of this development, lending its services and experience as a completely independent operator to any public or private group recognising the potential of the concept.

The present owners of NSFT are the consulting engineering companies Dr. Techn. Olav Olsen a.s and Aadnesen as. These companies and the senior staff of NSFT have considerable experience in general bridge design (including the Høgsfjord project) and the delivery of large concrete structures for the offshore production of oil and gas in the North Sea. The collective experience includes management of large integrated projects, the conceptual development, design and fabrication of demanding structures for hostile marine and coastal environments and the execution of complex marine operations, all of which are key elements in an SFT project.

NSFT has a cooperation agreement with the Norwegian Public Roads Administration and has access to their SFT experience and relevant software. The company has received financial support from the Norwegian Industrial and Regional Development Fund (SND) and from the Norwegian Research Council (NFR).

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